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Items of accessory usually consisting of parts of a soldier’s or official’s uniform or equipment. Typically: knots, straps, buckles, frogs or hangers for daggers and swords; chinstraps, buttons, buckles, sweatbands, clips for helmets, caps or field equipment; buttons, hooks, cords, lanyards for uniforms, jackets or other clothing items. Boots, shoes

1937 SS Honor Ring & Presentation Box

1 SS Honor Ring; early 1937 type engraved within: Grunewald 20.4.37 H.Himmler; SS-Obersturmfuhrer Grunwald was an officer in the '5th SS Pz. Div. Wiking' during the war. This early ring in near mint showing much of it original burnishing and with only the slighted wear at the rear, opposite the skull, common to most original rings. Ring inside diameter is 21.5mm; This early hand-engraved Otto Gahr Honor Ring comes in its exceedingly rare SS-Honor Ring Presentation box! (ring is of course accompanied by a Don Boyle COA). ‘Price On Request’ SOLD



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