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Items of accessory usually consisting of parts of a soldier’s or official’s uniform or equipment. Typically: knots, straps, buckles, frogs or hangers for daggers and swords; chinstraps, buttons, buckles, sweatbands, clips for helmets, caps or field equipment; buttons, hooks, cords, lanyards for uniforms, jackets or other clothing items. Boots, shoes

1938 Panzer Marksmanship Lanyard-Rare Grade-10

1 Rare Grade 10 Panzer Marksmanship Lanyard; typical silver brocade shooting cord with the addition of a Gold Tank badge along with Gold knots on each end of the cord and single Shell device; (Grade 11 had 2 shells & Grade 12, 3 shells); any of the grades 10-12 in gold are quite rare. Near Mint exceptional example-SOLD



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