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Items of accessory usually consisting of parts of a soldier’s or official’s uniform or equipment. Typically: knots, straps, buckles, frogs or hangers for daggers and swords; chinstraps, buttons, buckles, sweatbands, clips for helmets, caps or field equipment; buttons, hooks, cords, lanyards for uniforms, jackets or other clothing items. Boots, shoes

Luftwaffe Honor Goblet Grouping to ME-110 Pilot

1 Luftwaffe Ehrenpokal Grouping to ObLt Friedrich ('Fritz') Freyschmidt, Me-110 Pilot from ZG 226/8. Grouping consists of his (1)'Feinsilber-Alpaka' Honor Goblet named to him as an Oberleutnant & dated 18.2.43; (2) His ID'd Luftwaffe Officer's Visor Cap, (3) His Cased Silver Frontflugspange für Jäger (fighter Pilots flight clasp) and (4) a Luftwaffe Photo Album -POR (Price  on Request); SOLD 
BACKGROUND: Oblt Freyschmidt was awarded the German Cross in Gold 12.4.43 and was credited with 7 Victories before being KIA 11.4.44. All his Victories are identified as against USAAF B-17s. *Amazingly, One documented B-17 shot down by him was the B-17F "Worry Wart" s/n 42-3123 from the 535th Bomb Squadron, 381st Bomb Group, 8th AAF. Shot down with all 10 crew members KIA over Bremen, Germany Oct 8th, 1943. A complete list of their names, s/n and burial locations is available.



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