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Items of accessory usually consisting of parts of a soldier’s or official’s uniform or equipment. Typically: knots, straps, buckles, frogs or hangers for daggers and swords; chinstraps, buttons, buckles, sweatbands, clips for helmets, caps or field equipment; buttons, hooks, cords, lanyards for uniforms, jackets or other clothing items. Boots, shoes

Span Am War Era Dog Tag -Co.I, 1st Inf Rgt, NY Volunteers

1 Spanish American War era, ca. 1898 Army Dog Tag for soldier in the 1st New York Vol. Infantry Regiment, Company I; the reverse of this tag indicates it was provided by the Red Cross. The San Francisco Red Cross Society attempted to provide all volunteers and US Regulars with such ID tags for identification. They only provided them to units which came close to its area of work; units passing through the west overseas (i.e. none were provided to military units on the east coast). The 1st NY Vol Inf Rgt was based in Hawaii around 1898. Beautiful condition with original tie. The soldiers number '102' needs to be researched further. A full roster of the units names is redily available and just has to be linked to the serial number; SOLD



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