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Items of accessory usually consisting of parts of a soldier’s or official’s uniform or equipment. Typically: knots, straps, buckles, frogs or hangers for daggers and swords; chinstraps, buttons, buckles, sweatbands, clips for helmets, caps or field equipment; buttons, hooks, cords, lanyards for uniforms, jackets or other clothing items. Boots, shoes

Gold Discharge Ring, ca.1945 'Ruptured Duck'

1 Circa 1945 10K Gold Ring depicting the WWII US Military Discharge Eagle Symbol; commonly referred to as the 'Ruptured Duck' the discharge badge was worn by all veterans of WWII either as a metal lapel pin on civilian clothes are a cloth patch sewn to all uniforms right after the war. In its original jewelry box this is the ultimate Ruptured Duck! Approx. a size 9- SOLD



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