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Orders, medals & decorations for military, political or civilian organizations; Military badges, medals and awards or awarded for longevity, proficiency or valor. Infantry, Panzer, General Assault, Close Combat badge; Iron Cross, German Cross, Pilot, Observer, Gunner, Radio, High Seas Fleet, Cruiser, Destroyer, Minesweeper, U-boot Badges; Flight Clasps, Long Service & Campaign Medals & Shields. Political and civil orders, awards, medals and badges are for typically for longevity, proficiency, diplomacy, membership, historical significance, status and occasionally valor. Organizational, Long Service & Occupation Medals; Enameled badges & pins, Party, Gau, Sports and Marksmanship Badges. Prolific within all organizations; Political, Red Cross, Police, Reichsbahn, Stahlhelm, NSDAP, SA, NSKK, NSKF,DLV, RAD, DAF, SS, HJ, DJ, TENO, NPEA, US Army, USMC, US Navy, Marine Corps, AAF, USAAF, CBI, Airborne, SF, Ranger, 1SSF, US, Purple Heart, DFC, DSC, Bronze Star, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, ETO, WWI, WWII, WW2,

Luftwaffe Gold Frontflugspange für Aufklärer with Pendant

1 German WWII Luftwaffe Gold Recon Clasp with Pendant (Frontflugspange für Aufklärer) -for Reconnaissance & Air Sea Rescue; early tombac version having 99% of its original gold finish; correct non-magnetic pin assembly and pendant loops; correct late war pendant is zinc retaining about 70% of its obverse gold finish; Clasp is near mint, pendant excellent- SOLD



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