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Typically paper items of temporary use but in this category use, any items of Military, Political or Civilian use such as Documents, Citations, Urkunde, Post Cards, Books, Stamps, Currency, Photographs, Autographs, Posters, Prints & Artwork, Banners, Advertising, Instructions, Pamphlets, Tickets and Paper items in general. German, American, Italian, Japanese, British, French, Russian, Vietnamese, RVN, Cong, RSI, SS, NSDAP, AAF, RAD, NSBO, DAF, HJ, DJ, SA, USAAF, OSS, RADw, BDM, 1SSF, Airborne, NSKK, KM, Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Allgemein-SS, Waffen-SS,
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