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Field Gear

Equipment used mainly by the military (Army, Waffen-SS, Navy and Luftwaffe) in combat operations. Often used by political formations like the SA, NSKK, RAD & HJ in training and home guard defense. Anything carried or worn in the field deemed essential-equipment for completion of the mission as hand: rucksack, backpack, canteen, pouches, bread bag, shelter quarter, belt, sling, bag, mess kit, compass, radio, camouflage items, equipment for weapons, ammunition & explosives, signaling items and gear for operations in particular climates, Gas Mask, Bayonet, Shovel, T-Handle, web gear, field gear, US Army, USMC, US Navy, Marine Corps, AAF, USAAF, CBI, Airborne, SF, Ranger, 1SSF, camouflage

Kriegsmarine U-Boot Binoculars by Leitz (code 'beh')

1 WWII German U-boat Kriegsmarine armored binocular with original neck strap, s/n 472538, circa 1943-45. Aluminum & Brass construction by Leitz (beh) 7 x 50 power; lens bodies retain 100% of their original rough black finish; anodized aluminum eye pieces are 100%; focus adjustments both function perfectly; optics are sharp with no spotting, just need cleaning. All rubber armored attachments are intact & pliable, function and fit perfectly. Rubber eye pieces, lock open, fit and seal perfectly. An outstanding example often hindered by missing, loose fitting or cracked rubber pieces. Hard to upgrade this one! SOLD



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