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All uniformed military and Political formations had their own unique headgear. Most were for daily wear while many were utilitarian, such as with the military where they were used for combat & training purposes i.e. helmets. Still others were exclusively worn for dress or ceremonial occasions. Headgear varied in material, color & decoration depending on their use (climate) and organization. M1 Helmet, M1A, Garrison Cap, Patrol Cap, Jeep Cap, US Army, USMC, US Navy, Marine Corps, AAF, USAAF, CBI, Airborne, SF, Ranger, 1SSF, US Patches, Some standard military cap designs were the Visor Cap, Shako, Kepi, the Side, pickelhaube, Overseas or Side Cap and the Field or M43 style cap. Heere, Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Navy, Waffen-SS, Political, Red Cross, Police, Reichsbahn, Stahlhelm, NSDAP, SA, NSKK, NSKF,DLV, RAD, DAF, SS, SD, HJ, DJ, TENO, NPEA,

Waffen-SS Panzer NCO Visor Cap by Schellenberg

1 Rare Waffen-SS Panzer NCO Visor Cap by Aug.Schellenberg, Berlin; fine feldgrau- wool crown and black wool cap band both surmounted with a thin pink-wool piping; black leather SS-style center-hinge chinstrap retained by plain black-enameled steel buttons; original, untouched & matched Waffen-SS silver painted zinc insignia; an issue-quality cap with a common rust-colored thin-cotton lining marked 57-1/2; liner with full eisenglas having Schellenberg logo & address; wide ersatz-leather sweatband & black vulcan-fiber visor; This is the real deal! $8995.



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