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All uniformed military and Political formations had their own uniform. Most were for daily wear while many were utilitarian, such as with the military where they were used for combat & training purposes. Still others were exclusively worn for dress or ceremonial occasions. Uniforms varied in material, color & decoration depending on their use (climate) and organization. CBI, ETO, US Army, USMC, US Navy, Marine Corps, AAF, USAAF, Camo, camouflage, tiger stripes, Heer, Army, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Navy, Waffen-SS, Political, Red Cross, Police, Reichsbahn, Stahlhelm, NSDAP, SA, NSKK, NSFK, DLV, RAD, DAF, SS, SD, HJ, DJ, TENO, NPEA,

WWII 517th Parachute Inf Officers Shirt

1 WWII Army Officers wool uniform shirt having a machine-sewn theater-made scroll patch for the 2bn/517th Parachute Inf Bn. -hand applied chain stitched-type lettering on blue wool with red border; purportedly French made. Rare-SOLD



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