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DESCRIPTION: Black leather Luger Holster proof stamped exclusively for the Luftwaffe with the “eagle-2” code; These holsters were military proofed by the Luftwaffe at the Krieghoff factory in Suhl and shipped with each Krieghoff Luger. Commercially-made and acquired solely by the Luftwaffe, they correctly bear no other markings other than the Luft eagle-2 proof stamp inside the holster; it has the correct black stitching throughout. Perfect uncrushed factory shape and all factory tight stitching; Near Mint, Rare- $1200.

BACKGROUND:The P08 Luger pistol was developed by George Luger who has served in the Austro-Hungarian army before gaining employment with the Ludwig Löwe & Cie armaments factory in Berlin in 1891. While employed with the Löwe firm Luger examined the Borchardt pistol they manufactured which had proven to be troublesome due to its awkward recoil and bolt return system. Luger redesigned the Borchardt pistol with a cleaner design and systems and in 1899 the first Borchardt-Luger pistol was tested. The Borchardt-Luger pistol underwent minor modifications and was accepted by the Swiss army in 1900. Further modifications in 1902 resulted in the Luger being re-calibered from 7.65mm to the standard 9mm Parabellum cartridge. The new Luger pistol was adopted by the Imperial German Navy in 1904 and by the German army in 1908, which led to its official designation, “P08”. The P08 Luger pistol saw service through-out WWI, during the Weimar, Reichswehr era, (National Defence Force, Circa 1919-1933), and on into the Third Reich. When issued the P08 came with a specific holster to be worn on the left side of the load carrying waist belt. Although popular, the pistol was expensive to produce and the design of the toggle breech made it prone to dirt entry after firing which affected its performance. In 1938 the weapons firm of Carl Walther developed the P38 pistol as a replacement for the P08. Although the P38 never fully replaced the P08, manufacture of the Luger was discontinued in 1942.

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