Wound Badge Set, 1918, Black/Silver/Gold

Wound Badge Set, 1918, Black/Silver/Gold

Price: Sold

BACKGROUND: The Wound Badge was originally established on March 3rd 1918 by Prussian King Wilhelm II to recognize the sacrifice of those wounded during WWI. The badge was instituted in three classes with the class bestowed reflecting the number or severity of the wounds received. The classes consisted of a black badge for one or two wounds, a silver badge for three or four wounds and a gold badge for five or more wounds or loss of a limb or sight.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 3 Stamped steel, hollow-backed awards in Black, Silver & Gold. The badges feature an M18 style helmet superimposed over crossed swords on a pebbled field, encompassed by a laurel leaf wreath. Round pin, standard solid hinge and soldered catch; each retains from 95-98% of their original finish. Set of 3.

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