Prussian Model 1842 Pickelhaube

Prussian Model 1842 Pickelhaube

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DESCRIPTION: 1st Pattern Model 1842 German Pickelhaube for Prussian EM/NCO; tall all leather body with brow & neck visors; helmet retains all its original fittings to include spike base with its brass nuts, tall removable spike, chinscales w/ leather chinstrap,  large Prussian front plate(no extra holes),  partial original side cockard and remarkable original black leather liner is fully intact; the first German spike helmet, forerunner to all others; rare.

BACKGROUND:Development of the pickelhaube may be traced back to the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV who initiated the original design and introduced it for wear by most of the Prussian line Infantry regiments on October 23rd 1842. The pickelhaube became a visual symbol of Prussia’s military might and underwent numerous modifications starting in 1860 and continuing right up until 1915. Over the years with the different models of pickelhaube they progressively became shorter until WWI steel helmet in the spring of 1916 byEisen-und Hüttenwerke, AG Thale/Harz; After the introduction of the M16 helmet the pickelhaube was relegated for wear only on ceremonial occasions.

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