Wehrmacht Assault Pack-“STURMGEPÄCK”, 10 Pcs

Wehrmacht Assault Pack-“STURMGEPÄCK”, 10 Pcs

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Description: One complete Assault pack (Sturmgepäck) with the basics an individual soldier would carry in the field. Personal-effects would be carried in the A-Frame Bag (Beutel z. Gefechtsgepäck) attached to the A-Frame.

  • Rahmen zum Sturmgepäck; web A-Frame maker stamped & dated München 1942.
  • Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck: A-Frame Bag. 
  • Kochgeschirr; Mess Kit; MINT-dated 1941/42.
  • Gurt zum Kochgeschirr; Mess Kit Strap.  
  • Tarnung Zeltbahn: Camouflage Shelter-Quarter (tent section)/poncho; MINT-maker marked & dated 1939. 
  • Gurt zum Zeltbahnrolle; double straps for Zeltbahn (pair). 
  • Zeltstangen; Shared Tent pole section, (4 make a 4 man tent).
  • Zeltpflock: 2 tent pegs & rope. (8 make a 4 man tent); dated 1938.

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