Special Services

Militaria/Antiques/Collectibles – Special Services

Antiques, Arms & Armor specializes in investment-grade Militaria & Weapons along with fine Antiques, Artwork & Collectibles. Founded in 1982, Antiques, Arms & Armor is an established, authoritative source throughout the world for rare, unique and beautiful historical investments. Look for our regular appearances on The History/A&E Channels “Pawn Stars” &”Storage Wars.

Selling/Buying Militaria, Weapons, Antiques & Collectibles:

We are generally interested in purchasing all types of vintage militaria & weapons from all nations as well as antiques & collectibles. Our clients are always looking for fine, original militaria, antiques & collectibles. Many of our client sellers are also some of our most loyal client buyers and we are always interested in buying/trading for previously sold pieces. Unless previously arranged, please email a complete inventory of what your sending first, insure your shipment and add a signature requirement for your protection (recommend USPS Express Mail). Upon inspection, payment will be sent to you within 24 hours by whatever method you prefer (usually company check).

*One piece or an entire collection, if you’re selling please notify us by phone or email; use the “Contact-Us” button for all information.

Selling/Consigning Militaria, Weapons, Antiques & Collectibles:

We also accept Consignments. Our clients are always looking for fine, original militaria, antiques & collectibles. We have customers in 12 countries that are always looking for high quality, vintage material. You set the price and we do all the work for you. If you need help in pricing items, please contact us on how to obtain a no-cost appraisal. Some of the advantages of consigning with Antiques, Arms & Armor are: (1) Access to our discriminating, loyal collector/customers, (2) low commission that is inclusive of all advertising & marketing, (3) Consignment documentation that defines all agreed-upon terms and (4) Unpublicized sales/purchases if requested

Upon agreement to consign, you will be sent consignment documentation that explains the entire process and enabling you to document specifically what you’re consigning for sale. Briefly, Antiques, Arms & Armor LLC’s commission is 18% on pieces selling at or above $10k and 20% on all sold items below $10k. Only original, vintage items will be accepted for sale to our customers. We reserve the right to refuse any item in doubt. All items should conform to known & accepted original examples of period materials & manufacturing. Untouched/unused examples are preferred and command top dollar from our customers. Shipping address: Antiques,Arms & Armor LLC 15 Blackhawk Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

*One piece or an entire collection, if your contemplating consigning please notify us by phone or email; use the “Contact-Us” button for all information.


Valuations for Insurance

We have appraised some of the foremost collections across the country, bridging the gap between collector and insurer. Antiques, Arms & Armor insurance valuations provide a tangible, detailed record (with the option for annual re-appraisals) ensuring: (1) replacement costs reflect current market prices, (2) Lost/damaged properties may be easily identified and (3) Your insurance company is provided with up-to-date information. This is an indispensible tool for collection management and informed estate planning.

Trusts & Estates

Investment-grade Militaria, Weapons along with fine Antiques, Artwork & Collectibles are typically miss-understood by executors, consequently sales values may be compromised. Working alongside your attorney, insurer, and other professional advisors, we provide dedicated, straightforward professional guidance in these vital areas: (1) Preparing pre-sale/auction and insurance valuations (2) Appraising and buying single or complete collections, (3) Providing innovative marketing and selling plans through consignment or auction and (4) Providing access to potential buyers through private unpublicized sales where requested.

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