Heer Artillery NCO Visor Cap, Nr Mint

Heer Artillery NCO Visor Cap, Nr Mint

Price: $675.


Description:  Nice quality, issue cap of the Army,  contract-made by one of the leading private  purchase makers Clemand Wagner of Braunschweig;  cap has a ribbed field-grun wool crown and a blue/green badge cloth centerband with red wool waffenfarbe to the crown edge and both the top and bottom edges of the centerband. The front center of the cap has a second pattern, aluminum national eagle. The front center of the centerband has a second pattern aluminum oak-leaf wreath encompassing a three piece, high relief, national tri-color cockade. The cap has a blackened patent leather chinstrap intact with two, black painted, rectangular, sheet metal retaining clips and two black painted, vertically oval, sliding length adjustment buckles. The chinstrap is secured to the cap by two, small, smooth finish, black painted, magnetic sheet metal buttons. The cap has an extended, black lacquered vulcan fiber visor with a subtly raised lip at the forward edge. The interior of the cap is fully lined in the typical issue rust colored cotton found in most issue caps; celluloid sweat diamond is missing and lining there is size  stamped 57½.  Complete thin leather sweatband present showing no use. With the exception of the celluloid moisture shield missing, this cap is Near Mint showing no actual use.

Background:Visor caps were a standard issue item for all personnel during the Third Reich period and regulations dictated the form of dress they were to be worn with based on the individuals rank. Regulations for wear of the visor cap by EM/NCO ranks dictated that they be worn with the Reporting and Walking-Out dress, and the Undress uniform. Regulations also required Senior NCO’s to wear the visor cap with the Service uniform. Of Note: Certain Senior NCO ranks were also permitted to wear privately purchased visor caps of higher quality. The different branches of service within the German army (Heer) were allocated a specific, identifying, waffenfarbe, (Branch of Service Color), with red being chosen for Artillery.

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