Kriegsmarine “Tropenschirmmütze”, Tropical Admirals Visor Cap

Kriegsmarine “Tropenschirmmütze”, Tropical Admirals Visor Cap

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Description: This extremely scarce tropical visor cap was beautifully made using olive-green ribbed cotton material and designated for the Officers rank of Kommodore to Admiral. The one of a kind insignia, national emblem(eagle) & wreath are hand-embroidered in gold celleon on a matching brown wool; the double-row of laurel leaves on the visor are also directly hand-embroidered in matching gold celleon; this canvas visor is reinforced with a leather edging along both the brim & underside (typical of KM visors); a gold celleon chin cord is attached with two gold KM cap buttons.The interior has a fine matching thin-cotton lining, full center celluloid eisenglass and thin beige leatherette sweatband with cork brow underside (see pics);

 An exceedingly rare piece; ref. “Afrikakorps” by Kurtz pages 175-176; page 326 in Angolias book “Kriegsmarine-Unif & Traditions” vol 2 and page 117 in Scipion & Bastein’s book “Afrika Korps”.

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