Luftschutz M38 Steel Helmet, ‘Gladiator’ type, MINT (Luftschutz Stahlhelm M38)

Luftschutz M38 Steel Helmet, ‘Gladiator’ type, MINT (Luftschutz Stahlhelm M38)

Price: $495


Description: The three piece, stamped,  steel construction Luftschutz M38 “Gladiator” style helmet retains a most of its original, smooth, dark satin blue paint. Although this helmet shows no issue or use, to the rear flange are large hand painted ID letters: “R.F.A.” likely signifying a rank, unit or local. The front center of the helmet has a Luftschutz emblem decal that remains 100% intact. This detailed silver decal features stylized spread wings with a central oak-leaf sprig &  canted swastika positioned below a scripted banner, “Luftschutz”. The helmet has two groups of seven “salt & pepper” ventilation holes to either side of the crown. All three of the  flat headed, liner retaining split rivets are untouched. The helmet has an embossed, horizontal, beaded rim between the crown & the visor/neck guard. The visor/neck guard has a semi-circular “ear” cut-out and a brazed vertical seam to either side. Rear inside flange retains its often missing nomenclature/size (55) decal that remains 100% intact; here also above the decal stamped into the helmet is: ‘RL2 38/38’; The helmets complete, original ersatz liner & composition chinstrap are untouched & mint showing absolutely no use. As good as they come! If you want the best example, this is it. MINT Condition.

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