Third Reich era Red Cross Officers Visor Cap, Private Purchase

Third Reich era Red Cross Officers Visor Cap, Private Purchase

Price: $700


Description: Grey wool DRK officer’s visor cap, whose one-piece circular crown is piped in light gray, gray center band, piped in light gray along both edges and whose vertical seam is to the reverse, and a vulkanfiber visor. Fixed to the forward seam line of the body is an eagle with down-swept wings, clutching the Red Cross, and with a mobile swastika to its breast. The eagle is enameled in black and the Balkan cross is in red enamel. Beneath this, fixed to the front of the center band, is a three-piece cockade and wreath. Fixed by pebbled silver metal buttons positioned over each ear, is the officers silver/aluminum wire chin cord. The Vulcan fiber visor is in excellent condition. Interior of the cap is fully lined in gold rayon. Original celluloid sweat diamond is complete with a full maker’s logo.. The wide brown leather sweatband is complete.. Nice Minty private purchase officers cap that would be impossible to upgrade..

Price: $750 

Background: The DRK, “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz” (German Red Cross), a voluntary civil assistance organization originally instituted in 1864, was officially acknowledged by the Geneva Convention in 1929. In December 1937 it gained status as a legally recognized organization by the NSDAP. As with other essential services in Third Reich Germany, it came under control of the NSDAP in late 1938 under the auspices of the Ministry of the Interior’s Social Welfare Organization.            


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